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Bespoke Medical & Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures

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Kelly Smith Forshaw

Medical & Cosmetic Tattooing, and Laser Removal

Unrivalled care and expertise trusted for over 20 years

For 20 years, Kelly has been a leading figure in medical tattooing and semi-permanent makeup. Known for her advanced aesthetic and medical procedures, she's earned global acclaim, with features on "Embarrassing Bodies," "Ten Years Younger," and "The Bad Skin Clinic" on Discovery+. She's also a three-time winner of the Medical Micropigmentation Artist of the Year award.

Operating from her clinics in Worthing (West Sussex) and Harley Street (London), Kelly offers bespoke treatments tailored to individual needs. 

Considering a procedure or curious about treatments? Book a consultation with Kelly and explore the transformative possibilities.

Specialist Medical & Cosmetic Treatments

We specialise in both cosmetic and medical tattooing treatments, laser removal and skin rejuvenation and regeneration, tailored to enhance your natural beauty and restore confidence.

Every procedure is meticulously performed with precision, ensuring results that are both stunning and natural-looking. Trust in our expertise to accentuate, restore, or rejuvenate your natural features.

Medical Treatments

Medical tattooing adds colour where colour is missing, breaking down scar tissue and using the body's natural melanin to repigment the area. We offer our clients a range of medical procedures from areola and nipple tattooing to scar therapy, stretch mark treatments and skin camouflage.

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Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic tattooing (or semi permanent make up) is a process where coloured pigment is implanted into the skin, producing make up which will last for several years.  We are leaders in the field of semi permanent make up and are at the forefront of technique development, offering our clients the most up to date treatments from SPMU Eyebrows to SPMU Lips and more.

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Kelly Smith-Forshaw, A Name You Can Trust

Kelly has dedicated over two decades to perfecting the art of medical tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, and laser tattoo removal.

Her work has graced numerous publications, and she's appeared on TV shows like Embarrassing Bodies, Ten Years Younger, and The Bad Skin Clinic on Discovery+ in 2023.

Kelly is highly recognised among her peers, winning the Medical Micropigmentation Artist of the Year title in 2018, 2019, and 2021.


Beyond her vast expertise, Kelly's empathetic nature ensures every client feels valued and understood.




What people say about us

I am so pleased with the results of five sessions, of micro-needling therapy on my scaring, over a period of time, at Kelly’s clinic. The scars have considerably thinned out, become much lighter in colour, matching normal skin colour more so and scarring has shrunken in size, considerably, stretching and shifting healthy normal skin, across 1/3 of my abdomen, to the right. The results are truly amazing, worth travelling a long way for treatment & worth every penny. 

-L Clar.


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