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Laser Removal Aftercare Advice: Tattoo, Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPMU) & Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

It is important that you adhere carefully to the instructions provided to you by your technician and laid out on this aftercare page. Failure to do so can lead to infection and in rare cases, scarring of the site.

Careful attention needs to be taken when caring for your tattoo removal post-procedure. Within the next week after treatment your tattoo site will start to heal, do not pick or pull at the treated area. 

It will take 24 hrs for your skin to establish a protective barrier; so be careful not to touch (or let anyone else touch) it as you could introduce an infection during this time and keep the area CLEAN and DRY. 

After your procedure, you may notice (each treatment can display different responses);

- ‘frosting’ on the skin (white raised vapour bubbles) which will gradually subside 
- Tiny spots of pin prick bleeding
- Your tattoo site is raised 
- The area around your tattoo is red (erythema)
- Itching 
- Bruising 
- Blistering (don’t worry if this happens, it is not a sign that you will scar) 
--A micro-scab forms over the wound approximately 5 days post-procedure (can look like dry skin. Don’t pick this, let it come away naturally).


Cool packs can be used to cool and soothe the area and help with redness and swelling, but try not to touch the area too much and keep it clean. The best way to look after your tattoo is to ‘dry heal’ - we don't recommend creams or gels other than any supplied by us.

In the vast majority of cases scarring is caused by picking the wound or micro-scab or touching the removal site and introducing an infection – so please resist the urge to touch or pick!

During the removal process and for 6 weeks afterwards you will need to keep your removal site out of sunlight, alternatively, you can use a sunblock on the area to keep it protected from the sun. (minimum SPF 30)

You may notice that the area is lighter than the surrounding skin (hypopigmentation). In the majority of cases this will resolve entirely over time.
You may notice that the skin is slightly darker than the surrounding skin (hyperpigmentation). In most cases this will resolve over time.

You may notice that there are changes to the texture of the skin; this is likely to have been caused by the original tattoo rather than the removal process.
If you intend to have a cover-up tattoo on the site of the removal, please wait for at least 8 weeks until the dermis is completely healed before you have the procedure. 

Concerned about your removal?

If you have any worries or concerns about your procedure, please feel free to contact the clinic directly and we will be more than happy to advise or reassure you.

During clinic hours (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm) ring 07879 413889. Outside of these hours please contact the clinic on email

If you are concerned that your procedure has become infected, or if you feel unwell following your procedure, please contact your GP first and notify the clinic afterwards.

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