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Male SPMU Treatments

What Is Semi-Permanent Makeup For Men?

In today's world, grooming and self-care aren't just for women. Men, too, are opting for aesthetic enhancements, seeking subtle yet impactful ways to accentuate their features. Enter the world of Male Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPMU) - a tailored approach that offers men the opportunity to define their brows, lips, and eyes with precision and subtlety.

Often referred to as Men's Cosmetic Tattooing or Male Micropigmentation, this procedure employs advanced techniques to enhance the natural contours of a man's face. Whether it's achieving fuller brows, more defined lips, or a subtle eyeliner to make the eyes pop, the results are natural, masculine, and undeniably attractive.

Experience the benefits of Male Semi-Permanent Makeup

Imagine the confidence of stepping out each day, knowing your features are subtly enhanced, striking the perfect balance between masculinity and modern grooming. With male semi-permanent makeup, you're not just embracing a trend; you're redefining modern masculinity.

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  • Subtle Enhancement: Achieve a natural look that accentuates without overdoing.

  • Time-Saver: Reduce daily grooming time with lasting enhancements.

  • Tailored Precision: Procedures designed specifically for the male facial structure.

  • Safe & Discreet: Benefit from treatments that prioritise your comfort and desired aesthetic outcome.

  • Long-Lasting Impact: Enjoy the refined look for years, with occasional touch-ups

For more examples of our male treatments work please click here

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Kelly Smith Forshaw

Premier Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo and Laser Specialist in West Sussex & London

Kelly has dedicated over two decades to perfecting the art of medical tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, and laser tattoo removal.

Her work has graced numerous publications, and she's appeared on TV shows like Embarrassing Bodies, Ten Years Younger, and The Bad Skin Clinic on Discovery+ in 2023.

Kelly is highly recognised among her peers, winning the Medical Micropigmentation Artist of the Year title in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Beyond her vast expertise, Kelly's empathetic nature ensures every client feels valued and understood.



Understand Your Treatment Plan

 How many sessions are typically required? 

Typically 2 sessions are required. All treatments will require future touch-ups when pigment starts to fade.

 Is Semi-Permanent Makeup tattooing procedure painful? 

Some clients feel no sensation at all, others feel mild discomfort. Topical numbing is used to control discomfort if required. Clients say that having a procedure is comparable to having their eyebrows tweezered or their legs waxed.

 How long does the tattooing typically last? 

Semi-permanent eyebrow make-up generally lasts between 1 to 3 years, depending on factors like skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. Over time, the pigment will naturally fade, and touch-ups will be required to maintain the desired look.

 What is the aftercare process for Semi-Permanent Makeup tattooing? 

After treatment, you may experience some swelling/redness for up to 48 hours after your procedure. During the healing process, you will experience some scabbing of the area. It is vital that you try to keep the area as dry as possible during the healing process. We recommend you do not swim, sunbathe or use a sauna/jacuzzi for 2 weeks after the procedure.


What people say about us

After an accident when I was in my early 20s I was left with pretty bad scars on my face, including above my eye which left scarring exposed in my eyebrows. I was a bit anxious about going ahead with the treatment as I was worried that it might look feminine and if I wasn't happy i'd be stuck with eyebrows I wasn't happy with. I have to say I'm blown away with Kelly's work, it looks so natural amongst my existing eyebrow hair and very natural. Thanks Kelly, you're a star



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