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Medical Aftercare Advice

If after reading the Aftercare Advice you have any queries or feel your procedure is not healing as explained, or you feel any discomfort or heat in the treated area please telephone your specialist immediately. 


Do not panic that the area treated may show redness and swelling and that the colour looks dark and more intense than required – this is all quite normal. 


Your procedure was undertaken using sterile products in an aesthetically clean environment.  It is your responsibility to follow the after-care advice given to avoid any risk of infection.  Home care post procedure is now down to you!


Avoid  swimming , going in a sauna or Jacuzzi or a gym session after your treatment. After 3 days-1week a light amount of vasseline can be applied as a barrier and then continue as normal.


Additional procedures cannot be undertaken until the area has completely healed.   We suggest a 4/6 week healing time before further work is undertaken. 


Once the area has completely healed (3-7 days) consider using a sunblock to prevent the pigment colour fading. 


Healing consists of three phases:  

Heal: The body’s natural defences will create a fine scab to protect the area whilst healing. 

Peel: After a few days the scab will slough away.   Picking at the treated area as it heals will result in pigment loss.

Fade: After the fine scabbing has sloughed away you will see a lighter hue to the implanted colour which is more realistic. After 4/6 weeks the colour will appear to take on a new strength.




The morning after treatment you may shower.  It is suggested you shower with your back to the water jets to avoid the water directly hitting the treated area.  Use gauze to blot dry the treated area.  If you wish to bathe then please avoid soaking in the bath water or using any bath products.  Use gauze to blot dry.


If you have a dressing covering the treated area please remove it as soon as possible when you get home.   If you find any lymphatic fluid or blood weeping gently clean the area with saline/cool boiled water and sterile gauze, blotting gently dry to remove all moisture.  Air is the key.




Giving Blood - The Red Cross has suggested that you do not give blood for 4 months.


MRI Scans - Medical tattooing can show up as an artefact on the scan.  Some patients may experience a tingling sensation.  Please notify the radiologist.


Laser - Laser hair removal should be undertaken BEFORE a medical tattoo procedure is carried out as it could cause the area to turn black.




The post treatment colour of your areolas is not the true colour.  It is standard to have an initial procedure with the colour being darkened/adjusted during your second visit.  Tubilcles and highlights can be added after consultation with your specialist.


Leave your dressing on until you get home.  Carefully remove the dressing ensuring you do not knock the pigmented area. If you find any lymphatic fluid or blood weeping gently clean the area with saline/cool boiled water and sterile gauze, blotting gently dry to remove all moisture.  Air is the key. Try to wear a dark loose t-shirt and no bra to air the area.

The weeping should have stopped by the evening and the next day wear a soft dark bra and continue as normal.


If the area is still weeping the next day then gently place some dry gauze into your bra to stop pigment rubbing against the fabric of the bra or can also apply a light amount of vasseline.


Follow the GENERAL ADVICE above regarding showing and bathing.


Pigment will slough away over 3-10 days.   Please be careful not to cover the breast with too much after-care cream as this can inhibit healing. I would prefer to little than too much.




Multi procedures are required to achieve a natural and realistic covering to replicate skin tone.  Freckles can be added if needed.   Should you experience a hyper-pigmented halo around the edge of your treated area please do not be alarmed.  This will fade with time.


Tubi-Grip rather than dressings may be best to protect the treated area and from marking clothing. Be mindful of tight restrictive clothing.



Body camouflage may need to be repeated annually to keep the colour looking realistic.


If the area worked on is covered please remove the dressing as soon as you get home.


To prevent infection you need to cover the area with a loose clean garment or keep exposed.


Follow GENERAL ADVICE on showering and bathing.




Multi procedures are required in order to replicate natural and realistic hair follicles/hair strokes on the scalp. 


Do not wash your hair until the next morning.  Wash very gently with a mild shampoo and do not rub dry or apply heat.




You may notice whitening or balancing in the treated area, this is quite normal and will subside within a few hours. 


Strong chemicals or Glycolic/Acid peels may cause pigment to lighten.


LIP Procedures warning:    Laser hair removal can alter pigment colour so it is very important if you are considering having this treatment you must advise your specialist you have had a lip tattoo.

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