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Changes & New Beginnings

If you're reading this, you're probably navigating through my sparkly new website and may have noticed some big changes. Quite the transformation, right? In this post I wanted to share why things have changed and what's next for the clinic.

A Quick Update on All Things New

New Beginnings

For 19 fantastic years, I steered the ship called Medicos London. We spread our magic across seven different locations, and I had the privilege of collaborating with a stellar team. But the real stars? Our clients. Over 15,000 of you trusted us with your treatments. A heartfelt thank you for that.

Enter COVID, the unexpected life coach. It made me reflect on my journey. Post-lockdown, I've decided to trim the sails and go solo. And no, that doesn't mean I've taken up solo skydiving... yet.

Flying Solo: What's the Deal?

I'll be focusing my energies on my Worthing clinic and London. Catch me in London on Wednesdays and in Worthing the rest of the weekdays

A Fresh Brand Identity & Website

Alright, I might not win the "Most Original Name" award, but I've decided to go with... drumroll... my own name! Check out our sleek new logo below and do take a tour of the website. Juggling work, kids, and website creation? Let's just say I've discovered I'm not the tech wizard I thought I was. But after some digital blood, sweat, and tears, voilà!

Are any Treatments Getting the Axe?

Absolutely not! In fact, I'm spicing things up with some new additions. But more on that later in the post.

New Treatments on the Block

I'm thrilled to introduce Laser Removal to our treatment repertoire.

Why Laser Removal?

As a semi-permanent makeup specialist, I've adorned countless brows and lips. But lately, many have approached me with, let's say, less-than-great work from elsewhere. While I can enhance some aspects, I'm not a magician. Enter Laser Eyebrow Removal. It's like hitting the reset button, allowing us to erase and then ace the look.

And for those with SPMU Brows that have seen many seasons and touch-ups, Laser Eyebrow Removal can declutter those oversaturated brows, setting the stage for a fresh masterpiece.

Stay Connected!

Expect regular e-newsletters from my end. If you haven't subscribed yet, scroll to the website footer and hop on board. From self-help articles and treatment spotlights to skincare product offers, there's a lot in store. And a little birdie told me Black Friday might bring some irresistible package deals.

Also, my social media is getting a makeover. Connect with me through the links below.

Instagram | Facebook

Your Thoughts Matter

I'd love to hear from you. Thoughts on the website? Content you'd love to see on my Instagram? Shoot them my way!

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